Our Services

Athboy Opticians is more than a place to buy your glasses from. When you visit us you are greeted by friendly and very knowledgeable staff that want only the best for you.

Here are a list of the services we offer

Eye tests:

Athboy Opticians has invested heavily in eye testing equipment solely for the purpose that when an eye test is carried our Optician wants to know that the results are accurate. The purpose of the eye test is to determine if a person needs a prescription to see clearly or not using a serious vision base tests with different lenses (There is a myth that if you visit an Optician you will end up wearing glasses. An Optician is bound by it’s governing body and will act professionally to advise you whether you need glasses or not). Next the Optician will use a hand-held magnifier called an Ophthalmoscope to look at the condition of the optic nerve and blood vessels. A fully trained Optician can tell at this point that a person might have diabetes or high blood pressure or they can spot the early signs of Glaucoma. Next the eye pressures are measured using the puff of air test. (Yup the test everybody hates) Our machine is the latest generation of tonometer and the puff of air it fires is quite gentle compared to older models. High eye pressures can be an early indicator to the onset of Glaucoma. A visual fields test is also carried on patients this test checks the performance of your peripheral vision. Poor peripheral vision can mean glaucoma is already present

Contact lens practitioner:

Have you thought about wearing contact lenses but don’t know how to approach the subject. Contact lenses have the comfort of allowing the glasses wearer the comfort of being able to engage in sporting activity’s or in places where your glasses could be vulnerably to been lost from your face i.e. concerts.

Firstly you have to have a a full eye test to determine your prescription. Then a contact lens assessment will be carried out to determine the type of lens i.e. curvature and strength to give you maximum comfort while wearing lenses. Next you will be taught how to put in and out the lenses. This might involve a few return visits to help you build up your confidence. Once the Optician is happy you can put the lenses in and remove them comfortably you will be given some lenses to practice with at home. And finally on your last visit you come in wearing a pair of lenses for the Optician to inspect on your eyes. After that you are free to purchase the lenses you are happiest with to wear.

Home eye test service:

If you know or care for somebody who is unable to travel to visit the Optician. Athboy Opticians can come and visit you instead. We carry all the mobile equipment necessary to allow us to visit people in their own homes or in nursing homes. The portable equipment we carry will determine the prescription and will allow us to examine the health of the eye. We also can bring a range of frames so you can choose a new pair of glasses from the comfort of your house.

Drivers report:

On the first of January 2011 new drivers eye test regulations were brought in as a measure to help improve the standard of driving in Ireland. Some of these regulations were rolled back on shortly afterwards. However our Optician Mairead through her continuous learning programme (required by all those trained in the medical profession) decided that a situation could arise in the future where a driver might not be insured due to their eye test not been completed to the new European standard and as a result it was decided to invested in new testing equipment so that a thorough eye test can now be completed by Athboy Opticians.