Are you entitled to a free eye test but think it’s a big deal to claim your entitlement.

To claim your free PRSI eyetest you need to be in paid employment (minimum of 2 years continuous PRSI payments for under 21’s and 5 years for over 21’s).

If you think you meet this criteria then you can with a simple phone call contact Athboy Eye Centre at 046 9487714 or by emailing us through our contact form with your name and PPSN number and we will find out for you if you are covered.

To claim on your HSE medical card is a different process. Contact us at 046 9487714 or by emailing us through our contact form with your name, address Medical Card number and date of birth. We will fill this information onto the necessary form and post it to your local HSE centre. You will receive the form filled out by us in the post from the HSE authority stating if you are qualified or not.
Once qualified you are entitled to a free eyetest and an allowance towards distance (watching TV or Driving) and reading glasses or varifocal/bifocal glasses. You can choose from the free pairs available with Athboy Eye Centre or you can use the allowances towards a more expensive frame.

How much do I get off? You can get approx €42 off distance and/or readers. If you wear Varifocal or Bifocals you can get approx €82 (also note Athboy Eye Centre is one of a very few number of stores that will make up a pair of basic Varifocal lenses with frames completely free with your medical card allowances. These allowances are non refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash.

What if I wish to use my own frames? We will cover fully replacement of standard single vision lenses to your distance and reading frames. We will also replace uncoated varifocal or bifocal lenses. If you wish for any coatings i.e. antiglare these will incur additional costs.